I See The Desktop Picture Of My Grandfather 's Computer Essay

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Whenever I see the desktop picture of my Grandfather’s computer, I remember the date of my new journey. It 's a pretty old photo and the background of it is a huge billboard with the phrase of “Bon Voyage” in Chinese. What’s more interesting is how the two boys in the front are expressing two totally opposite facial expressions. The older one is trying his best to hold back to his tears and the younger one is just fooling around by the travelers. The fulfilled up baggage carts and the screens of departure times are a bit inharmonious to the overall setting, but it’s the last picture before the older boy bursted into tears. I can still remember every details before and after that day. It’s a normal Tuesday morning of my summer. Unlike the any usual morning, today, I wake up with the chatter of the sparrows. As the warm orange embraces me through the French windows in my bedroom, I change into the clothes that were place on my drawer since Sunday. While I was rushing out of the house to say goodbye to my friends, I can still see the unfinished Lego on the couch since the first day of vacation, but addition to that, there are twelve colorful suit cases and some of my Grandparents’ friends in the living room. After some quick greetings and a very quick bite of breakfast, I am in the front of my best friend’s house. However, the only person that come out after my 10 minutes, unstopped pressing of doorbell is her mother. “Why are you here so early, she didn’t even wake up yet!”
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