High School Graduation Essay

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Through out life people go through so many hardships. Whether it be good or bad there is always something that comes out of the situation. One of the most exciting but yet scariest events would be graduation. For a lot of people, graduating from high school is a goal. It takes a lot of time and effort to achieve that goal. In the long run, it opens a lot of opportunities for people to succeed. Graduation is the end of high school, and the beginning to life. I can almost remember that day like it was yesterday, I awoke like on any other school day. It was a gorgeous May morning, the rays of sun flittered through my miniblinds blinding me as if I hadn’t seen light in days. I sluggishly dragged my limp body out of …show more content…

Once I was finished, I gathered up my cap and gown and my car keys and headed out the door. All the graduates had to meet in the high school library an hour before the ceremonies started, and I promised one of my best friends Tony that we would go together. I knocked on his back door and let myself in like I always do. All of his family members were running throughout the house trying to get ready. I asked his mom where Tony was and she proceeded to tell me that he was in the bathroom getting ready. I tapped on the door and walked in. He was standing in front of the mirror with his cap and gown on. He look me straight in the eyes and said,” Can you believe that we are about to graduate?” I replied,” No, it really hasn’t set in yet.” Tony finished getting ready, and then we left for the high school. The parking lot was filled with all the other seniors’ cars. Tony and I walked into the library ten minutes late like usual, and the principal had already started giving instructions. I found my place in line and then was all ears. I couldn’t help but look around at all the others. Smiles were plastered on their faces as if they had heard a hilarious joke. Once the principal concluded his speech, the whole senior class paraded down the hallway to the commons in two uniform lines stopping just outside the gymnasium doors. We could hear the band warming up and playing songs. All the people that were standing around me were bubbling

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