I Stand Here Ironing By Tillie Olsen Essay

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A Mother’s Struggle
Family plays an enormous part in our everyday lives. Each family has their own hopes dreams, and desires for each individual. Every family member, adults and children, should be given the best chance to reach their fullest potential in life. Every family is different and for some families in order for the individual to succeed that means that they must send their children to live with people who can better care for them and provide them with things that they as parents are not able to. In Tillie Olsen’s short story, “I Stand Here Ironing”, she writes about the distressed feelings of a woman, a mother, as she looks back on her daughter’s life. This reflection provoked someone else’s distress for her daughter, although we never find out exactly who is worried about the well-being of the daughter, the mother examines the reasons for her 19 year old daughter’s existing issues and defends her daughter and the things she did to make sure she had a good life. Olsen’s use of narrative methods and outstanding choice of facts and language let the reader see the mother’s character and her caring, loving feelings concerning her children.
“I Stand Here Ironing” which spans over nearly twenty years is told in first person narration by a woman who now has three children, two girls and a boy, and been married twice, during the 1930s in the United States in the middle of the great depression providing the readers with a first-hand account of the mother’s struggles with

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