I Think That Elazar’S Labels For Iowa Are Right On The

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I think that Elazar’s labels for Iowa are right on the money. Iowan’s value their political involvement and believe that the role of government should be based around community enrichment, not individual gains. Since it is considered a moralistic culture, citizens are encouraged to participate in politics. They see government as a positive force. This holds true, especially during the caucus, when Iowa gets a lot of attention. I feel Iowans support each other and rally to help each other. In turn, this helps us strengthen and maintain our society. I would expect the regional difference to decline because as people move around the country their ideas, or political culture in this case, would spread, and synthesize with other cultures…show more content…
The advantage of using a single “official” language includes: promoting literacy, education, and financial successes as well as encouraging unity. The disadvantages of using a single “official” language includes: the cost of translation of texts, language barrier for those that haven’t/won’t learn the language (people wouldn’t be able to communicate effectively), and it would deprive people of one of the key factors that make them part of their culture, whatever it may be. I think that having a common language would foster assimilation and national unity because it brings us together as one; it is also what sets us apart from other countries that don’t speak our language. In the reading, it also said that because most texts, instructions, and things on the internet are translated into English, many foreigners wish to learn the language so that they can understand and be able to communicate with those whose who speak it. I think that the United States should seek to reinforce “shared American values” because these are the key factors that make our country unique. We must reinforce these values in every citizen to maintain our identity. This includes foreigners who recently have been retaining their own cultures. I think that as Americans we tend to be too accepting of cultures other than our own due to our history and because of this, we have become a “mixing pot” of culture. To reinforce these values, we should create

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