I Volunteered At The Rotary International And Lions Clubs International

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Growing up in India, I was a volunteer for the Rotary International and Lions Clubs International. I volunteered at medical camps, annual polio immunization programs and free clinics in Bhimavaram, a town with limited access to public health care services. I primarily assisted General and Family practitioners; I was amazed at how they could manage a broad range of medical conditions and patient populations. I was attracted towards the intellectual challenges, the art of diagnosis and the fulfillment that comes from taking care of a variety of patients. I was appreciated for my ability to educate and rationalize with patients of all age groups. This experience played a significant role in my decision to build a career in medicine that would enable me to take care of a variety of patients and make a positive impact on the community 's health.

When I was 18 years old, I moved to Auckland, New Zealand. A focused and hardworking person, I worked part-time and volunteered throughout college. Working as a laboratory assistant for AsureQuality Limited’s multidisciplinary laboratory helped me in perfecting my bench skills and developing an appreciation for dedication, patience and safety. Volunteering for the Manukau Community Transport program was a satisfying experience. We assisted in the transport of older adults and low-income patients to and from doctor’s appointments, interacting with them and understanding the financial and support service issues they often faced. We worked

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