I Want At The Grade Level Matrimonial

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“I want their whole family to suffer!” Ford yelled. “I shall look forward to the day I let them know it was entirely all their fought for how my son is being treated. The humiliation of receiving no request for a Blind Date from any Eighth Level girl when they outnumber the boys, seven to one is…” “You can keep your reasons to yourself. Now what can you do for me? This is far from something that is normally done.” “How would you like if your daughter’s vitals are lifted to the highest marks.” “I guess you really want your revenge,” I chuckled. (Did the man just offer my little princess to receive the Twelfth Level Matrimonial Top Listing?) “However, don’t you think it would look strange, even for an Eighth Level, to …show more content…

“Your offer is too good to believe as it is, so why not consider this as a gift.” “I can work around the traveling server and the 12 seat school shuttle, but she being assigned an AISHA Unite will cause too much attention towards her and start people asking questions. The best I can do is have one of the two lower magistrates speak openly about your daughter having a family member recently obtaining a high matrimonial acceptance and their family has sponsored this minor indulgence. It wouldn’t be the first time that an Eighth Level married into and Tenth or Eleventh Level family. I should know and had received their… gratitude. I had even experienced a Twelfth Level family special request a Ninth Level girl to have the opportunity to choose their son. How they learned the girl was being approached by several Eleventh and one Twelfth Level family had me investigating my staff for trying to steal business from me. Actually it was another Twelfth Level family who had informed them. Although they were a low Twelfth Level family, they wanted their daughter to marry the boy who had convinced his parents to allow him to marry the Ninth Level girl. Once the Ninth Level girl and her family had agreed to the match, who wouldn’t with an elite Twelfth Level family giving you this honor, the boy was devastated. Before word of the

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