I Want To Be A Teacher

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When I was a child I would always play teacher with my grandma. She was a teacher for 42 years, and had all the meter sticks to hit the board, all the old grammar signs, etc. I would love for her to teach me all she knew because the community loved her as a teacher, and continues to talk about her today. It was always fun to learn from her because she would give us short cuts as to how to spell long words, or I would make a song out of what she taught me and I enjoyed every bit of it. My grandmother is the one who inspired me to become a teacher. I love to see kids have fun in school because I was a kid who did not particularly like school. To see a lightbulb, turn on in a kid’s head when helping them is a great accomplishment in my heart. I was a student who liked to have songs, sayings, shortcuts, etc. when I learned something new. I would like to have the classroom whose students remember that grade, and what they did in the classroom because it was fun. The grade I experienced that feeling, was in the fourth grade with Mrs. Smith. The other reason I would like to be a teacher is because I want kids to go to school and enjoy it. They should not dread going to school to learn, it should be their favorite part of the day. Elementary school is when the kids’ mindsets starts in school, and I want to be the leader for the kids. I want to be able to persuade them, encourage them, and love them so they feel welcomed and ready to learn. Many people believe there is no reason

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