The Reasons I Pursue Teaching Essay

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The Reasons I Pursue Teaching

One time as I flipped through my mom’s teacher devotional, I came across a verse that said, “Some rely on stocks and bonds in order to gain security. Others invest in children’s lives and are builder’s for eternity.” I did not realize the significance of this verse until my uncle asked me why I wanted to be a teacher. I struggled for a second, and then I simply replied with that verse I had read years before. Now, though, I ask myself do I really know why I want to invest my life into the betterment of our future – why do I want to be a teacher. Many reasons pop into my head, yet only a few really explain my desire to teach. I want to be a teacher not just because of the benefits of the
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Obviously, these little incentives as frivolous as they may appear do effect my decision to pursue a teaching degree.

Besides the added bonuses of teaching, the joy of being around children has much appeal to me. It is not necessarily that I just like working with children. Many people enjoy being with children but are not fitted to be a teacher. I want to teach because of the satisfaction you receive when a child learns a new concept. The most rewarding part is when you struggle and struggle for so long with a child to learn the most basic of notions. The time and effort you invest in helping a child grasp what 2 + 2 is or how to write a thesis statement is what makes the job worthwhile. When the child finally achieves the long awaited goal and can perform without help, the joy and pride the teacher feels is one part that draws me to the profession. The teacher can see the excitement of the child in his eyes, and it makes the teacher feel like they just conquered all. Moreover, I find joy in seeing children take pleasure in the little things in life. Being a teacher, the children remind you every day of how beautiful a butterfly is after its transformation, and how neat it is to watch a bee land on a flower to collect pollen. Children cherish the small things and remind you to not get wrapped up in the circus of life. Thus, I want to be a teacher because I know I will experience
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