I Want To Become An Immigrant

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I am an Eritrean national who was born and grew up in Eritrea. My parents are from poor background. I have five siblings (Two sisters and three brothers).

I started education at the age of five and continued till I graduated with a BA degree in Eritrea. Unfortunately, due to well-founded fear of persecution I escaped Eritrea to Sudan illegally. More precisely, I refused to become a victim of the evil treatment by the regime in Eritrea. Saying even a word against the government in Eritrea, however, is considered as a grave crime in the eyes of the tyrant regime. Consequently, I was arrested, detained, interrogated and badly treated in prison. Luckily, I escaped the country illegally to save my life using a narrow chance to run away.

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My interest in refugees’ constructed identity, family ties and juvenile justice is the prime reason for me to apply for MA degree in Migration and Diaspora Studies at SOAS university of London. I spent the last five years dedicating myself to these issues-helping refugees to trace their family members and create an imaginary network, fighting human trafficking, advocating the rights of refugees under international refugee law and trying to mobilize diaspora and transnational communities towards helping their vulnerable members. Broadly, I share a vision of working towards a more just and equitable world by uncovering stories of abuse of power and lack of opportunities. Such a commitment to improve lives of vulnerable people dealing with such complex social issues, however, requires me to empower myself with a professional qualification. Thus, I decided to…show more content…
Admittedly, the connotation of the word refugee in itself tortured me for years since I left my country. My ambition to pursue higher education and prepare myself for advanced research has been damaged because of my status as a refugee. When I came to the UK, I started to believe that hope contents me. I applied for postgraduate studies at SOAS University of London to study a taught MA degree in the course of Migration and Diaspora Studies as mentioned above. Besides, I also applied for refugee scholarship. Thanks to SOAS university of London, I got admission to study and scholarship for the course.
Following the admission process and offer of refugee scholarship, I found myself in a position where I cannot afford accommodation and living costs in London. To be more explicit, I had to pay $5000 to release my 17 years old sister from nasty human traffickers in the Sudan. This means I paid all the money I saved for my accommodation and living cost working as a support worker to human traffickers to release my sister. On the other hand, this was a threat to my lifelong ambitions of continuing
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