I Wondered as Lonely as a Cloud

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This lyrical poem by the author who was a pioneer of the Romantic movement, uses the earths elements and human emotions to take him back and recollect how much something had an an effect it had on him at the time. Around the time he wrote this poem in 1804 ???? He is wandering alone up hill and down dales and comes across a vision so beautiful that it is imprinted in his mind forever. Memories are what make us and without them we would not be able to manage. The image of that memory, is what makes this poem so lovely that you feel at peace at the tranquil setting when you read it. The descriptive language used by the author paints images of nature – clouds, lakes, trees, fields, and twinkling stars on the milky way. I felt …show more content…

It is also clever that he uses the title of the poem as the 1st line in stanza 1. Language is figurative and the reader is left in no doubt what the poet is saying as the words seem to dance along “fluttering, twinkle, tossing glee and bliss”. You have the use of personification where daffodils are personified as a crowd of people, also as dancers and this continues throughout the poem. Where he mentions “never-ending” this is an exaggeration as his eyes could only see a certain distance away. The use a metaphor is how he describes the memories he has when he mentions “inward eye”. Alliteration is also used for example, “sparkling and sprightly” as well as “beneath and besides”. Use of O’er instead of Over is called Archiac i.e it is abbreviated. This was used a lot by Romantic poets to give it an oldern Romantic quality and also fit in line with the meter The meter is regular and consistent and comes over as tidy and orderly. Bibolography. Norton Anthology 7th Edition. Page 284 – 285.1

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