I 'm More Than Just A Comcaster

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I’m more than just a Comcaster. I 'm a motivated person who strives to reach my full potential every day. I’m a pusher, someone who isn’t satisfied until I’ve exhausted every available option and then those that aren’t available, a person who sees the good in all situations even when it’s covered in mud. I 've been thankful to have opportunities extended to me from Comcast that have given me both professional and personal gains. The experience I have had at Comcast has enhanced my skill set in so many ways, in ways that were intentional and in ways that were simply the by-product of simply observing situations. When I came into the company, I knew nothing about the cable industry other than the frustration of wanting to turn on my TV only…show more content…
I’ve also been able to step into leadership opportunities in my community, training as a birth and bereavement doula so I can offer support to families facing the birth of a child who may not be born alive. I’ve been able to identify resources in my community for families facing that tragic loss and connect them with the things they need most at any given time, be it funds for a casket, a funeral home willing to provide services at no cost to the family or a support group of other parents who can relate to the pain of losing a child. Providing that service to the community is something that is so valuable and so needed, yet it is something I don’t think I could have done without the professional experience I’ve gained as a result of being in my position at Comcast. I’ve had to use networking skills that I didn’t have prior to my employment here to ask for the support from the community when there are things I can’t provide on my own. The experiences I have had here have enabled me to satisfy my entrepreneurial spirit and to maintain gainful employment, a combination that many people search their whole lives for. I’m thankful to the men and women who have invested in my success along the way, particularly those who have believed in my abilities when I wasn’t so confident myself. Those people who put me up for a challenge I wasn’t sure I
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