IGN : Aefs Case Report

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IGN: Aefs Age: 14 Timezone: CDT Country: The United States Do you have a working microphone?: Yes Previous experience: I was never really staff on any larger networks. I'd say the largest networks that had assigned a staff position to me were DestinyPvP, DestinyMC, and Hayze. All of the following were factions servers. Here is a brief description of what happened on each server; DestinyPvP This server was first started by snimka. I joined around mid-season. I had spent a couple days with the community before I decided to become staff.I applied, and was accepted first time. The first role I received was helper, then helper+, then moderator. While I was moderator, the server was sold to another user named "U3F". That moves me to the …show more content…

What can the server benefit from you?: I know that a lot of servers generally don't receive lots of "super professional staff", but I can be one if you would like. I can share my professionalism with you to make the server the best it can be. My main priority will always be to help out other users, but my second priority will be to give the server a great representation. In order to represent the server, you need to be mature, responsible, respectful, professional, and proud of your work. Those are all things that I can do. Why should we chose you instead of another candidate?: Well, I have a few useful traits that I'd like to share with you. Here they are; Dedication The amount of dedication I have is incredible. If I get accepted to a staff team, that's the only server I'll play on. No matter how much I enjoy another server, the server I'm staff on will always be my first priority. Especially servers that are starting off, they need the most amount of help that they can get. Regardless, I don't apply for staff just because it seems like "fun". I apply on servers because I want to have the feeling of "I helped these people, I made the gameplay more enjoyable and clear for them." You'll know the feeling if you've been staff on many other servers before. Professionalism If you accept me, I will most likely one of very few professional staff members. I admit that I can be immature either in staff calls or staff chat, but that's

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