IGN ( In Game Name ) : Miikie : Questions And Analysis

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IGN (In Game Name): Miikie.(Past IGN's: giantmike, TbhMike, MikeBaee, BeyondLegit.)

Age: I am currently 18 years old.

Timezone: EST.

Country: United States.

Do you have a good quality mic?: Yes, I do have a good quality microphone.

Do you have Telegram & Teamspeak?: Yes, I do have both telegram and Teamspeak.

How many hours can you put in the server per week:
School Days(I have class only two days a week.):
Tuesdays - When I get home from class, I can spend about 8+ hours.
Thursdays- When I get home from class, I can spend about 8+ hours.

Weekends/Days I don't have school:
Monday - I can honestly spend 10+ hours if I don't have anything to do that day, however, if I do I can then spend about 8+ hours.
Wednesday - I can honestly …show more content…

Why do you want to become staff?:

The reason I would like to apply as a Trial-Moderator for Faithful is that I am a trustworthy person, and I have moderated on a lot of chats before, so I am always happy to learn new things. Being a trial moderator on faithful would not only benefit the staff team with my experience in the past but as well I feel that just In general, I would make a great addition to the team altogether. I know I don't have experience with being staff on hardcore factions servers, but I've been staff on servers with practice and faithful also has that, so I do have a quite a lot of experience with that, just cause of Verenity. I also feel that I can just benefit the team in general with catching hackers because I went through a hacker training when I was staff at Mcsg. During that training, I was taught how to spot and identify hackers and to determine what kind of hack the person is using. I also believe that I am a very professional person when it comes to moderating and just in general when it comes to having a "job" in general. This may not be a job, however, being a moderator does take dedication, effort and the willingness to learn and I truly believe I have that. I am also a very hardworking person, and because of that I feel as though I can be very active and just help out players on

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