IOT : Meeting The Challenges Of The Iot?

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Meeting the Challenges of the IoT Through Cybersecurity Automation and Machine Learning

The Internet of Things offers many opportunities for businesses to enhance the efficiency of their services and products, find new streams of revenue, slash their operating costs and complete their digital transformation. However, as the number of connected devices increases, unprepared organizations may find themselves overwhelmed by the need to step up their cybersecurity game and become more proactive when it comes to protecting their data and systems. Companies manufacturing smart devices are blazing new trails in the technology world, and as is true for all innovative technology, there are still many things that have yet to be …show more content…

The 2017 Black Hat Attendee Survey revealed some troubling information. Approximately 66 percent stated that they felt that their organizations would experience a major security breach within the next year, but 69 percent stated they did not have sufficient staffing to handle the breach and 58 percent stated that their budgets were inadequate. When asked whether they agreed that the average American's personal information was safer than it was a year ago, 18 percent strongly disagreed and 29 percent somewhat disagreed.

Interestingly, IoT attacks ranked low on the list of primary concerns among the respondents. However, when they were asked what they believed would be their primary concerns within the next 24 months, IoT security topped the list at 34 percent of the respondents. Based on research conducted on medical devices, industrial control systems and cars, their anxiety appears to be justified.

However, the respondents indicated that their time was currently being consumed in what might be called fire-fighting. Approximately 35 percent reported that most of their time was consumed with phishing attacks and social engineering such as social network exploits. Approximately the same percentage spent most of their time attempting to measure their organization's risk level and/or security posture. Only 6 percent reported spending most

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