Iago As A Domestic Tragedy In Shakespeare's Othello

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Explore the significance of this extract in relation to the tragedy of the play as a whole. Remember to include in your answer relevant analysis of Shakespeare’s dramatic methods. [

Othello being a domestic tragedy is still considered to be as great as Shakespeare’s other plays such as Macbeth King Lear and Hamlet. Othello’s hamartia is his natural inclination to loyalty and blind trust which makes him easily manipulated and brings him to his dreadful end.

The conversation between Rodrigo, a man with a strong lust for Desdemona, and Iago shows Iago’s cold-hearted and twisted character and the weakness of lust that Rodrigo has for Desdomona . His intentions and where his true loyalty lies hold no value to him. He is instantly a threat when he tells Rodrigo “ I am not what I am” (pg 6, line 67). This means with Iago what you see is clearly not what you get could show that Iago is a villain in the play. Although he claims his hatred for Othello is because he did not get his ‘well deserved’ position as a lieutenant or because he claims that he had slept with his wife Amelia; Iago seems to just love to plot evil schemes for the sake of coursing mayhem and chaos for no apparent reason. As Samuel Taylor Coleridge said Iago seems to engage in “ The motive-hunting of motiveless Malignity”. This means that Iago basically just purely loves to do evil and is always looking for a reason to plant sins and help them grow; Iago is pretty much the devil. Iago's claim of being

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