Iceland Life Off The Grid Essay

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On an Iceland in the Sun:
Going off the Grid

Welcome to a New Kind of Living

Leave your cellphone in airplane mode, and get ready for an adventure holiday you will never forget. The only footprints left behind shall be those made in the Icelandic snow. In this day and age, we spend so much time glued to our computer and cellphone screens, and since this is your one chance for true freedom, embrace it! This is the time for you to see things that you have never seen before and awaken a deeper natural energy that has long been dormant.

Leave No Trace

The key to a soul searching, mind clearing vacation is knowing that you are doing no harm to the environment while fully enjoying a trip to Iceland. Even if you spend all of your time in Iceland …show more content…

This location has set an intriguing precedent by basing their entire economy on environmentally sustainable principles. Amazingly enough, they have come up with a way to create a completely closed community where everything is recycled and reused. The community was isolated for years by the large surrounding mountains and the nearly unnavigable roads crossing over the tops, so originally this self-sufficiency wasn’t necessarily a choice. Visitors are encouraged to partake in the fishing experience, and for the locals, one of the main attractions is the singular swimming pool in the …show more content…

Iceland is one of the leading countries in sustainable tourism and has plenty of infrastructure set up to ensure an easy way to minimize the damage your presence has on Iceland’s unique environment. For more information on sustainable tourism in Iceland, follow the link to the European outdoor conservation association official website. As far as booking a flight goes, Google Flights is the easiest way to compare prices from a variety of airlines, on a variety of dates in order to find the lowest price. Open your internet browser and get

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