Ideal Utopia Research Paper

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There are two things that operate this world: order and production. The world runs smoothest when these two things are at their maximums. Thus, an ideal utopia would include methods to facilitate work as well as to ensure societal integrity. These goals can be reached through the adoption of artificial intelligence, the development of a fiscal-military state, and the conservation of goods, resources, and energy. The critical issue in human societies is the lack of efficient management. This stems from corruption, ignorance, deceit, complacency, laziness, and indifference. Confirmation bias has the potential to wreak havoc on groups of people, because everyone knows that there is nothing worse than being wrong. Humans are apt to make errors, and over long periods of time these errors accumulate and compound into irreparable mistakes. Consequently, it is impossible for humans to ever govern a utopia. Machines, however, are not prone to …show more content…

Conservation seems to contradict my previous statements on the military-industrial complex, but in fact they go hand in hand. By stressing conservation, consumer demand can be artificially augmented, thus putting a larger emphasis on production. For instance, if a ration were put on eggs and butter (despite there being no shortage of those products), the price of those items would increase. However, in reality, there is really a surplus of eggs and butter, which at any point could flood the market, drive prices into the ground, and teach people a valuable lesson on why eggs and butter should not be trusted. As a result, the illusion of a lack of resources is just as powerful as not actually having those goods. In relation to the military, it is possible to artificially keep the demand for robots high in spite of a surplus of fighting drones. This is necessary if production is to

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