Identifying The Right Candidate As The Biggest Challenge A Human Resource Professional Faces

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Identifying and Hiring. The interviewee considered recruiting and identifying the right candidate as the biggest challenge a human resource professional faces. They need to be good at identifying and securing the services of the best candidates. Resourcefulness and adeptness in how to locate and attract individuals with the best fit in an organization are challenging for a human resource professional.
Employee Terminations or Layoffs. The interviewee also considered the legal issues that arise as a result of carrying out employee terminations or layoffs as a major challenge facing human resource professionals. The process is stressful as even a single misstep can expose the company to the possibility of an expensive lawsuit.
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Management with metrics allows an organization to have a true measure of how it has reached its goals and objectives as well as act as an evaluation and analysis tool (Rees & Smith, 2014).
Ethical Issues Faced by HR Professionals
Some of the ethical issues faced by human resource professionals include:
Cash and Compensation Plans. There exist ethical issues pertaining to remuneration, executive compensation, and incentive plans. There is pressure to raise the base of salaries or pay more incentives to executives for the human resource managers.
Gender, Race, and Disability. Most organizations differentiated employees based on gender, race, origin, status or disability until recently as the laws and regulations have standardized the conduct of employers and employees. An organization should only differentiate employees on the basis of performance and should avoid discriminatory practices.
Privacy. Individuals working in an organization have personal sides to their existences, which they would want to be respected and not intruded. An employee might prefer that some details about their lives are private and this might clash with an employer’s need to do so. For instance, mail scanning might be done if an employee is suspected to be misusing company resources.
Some of these ethical issues will not see changes in the near future. For instance, an issue like compensation will always be a challenge as long as a company pays for labor. The issue of

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