Identity Essay : My Cultural Identity

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My Cultural Identity People think of me as a girl that stay to herself but I am a black african american and my cultural identity is dancing i love to dance dancing is my life i could dance all day and night my mom said i been dancing since i was just 3 years old i dance kinda good i don’t dance that good to be a dance star but i’m going keep trying and trying and one day i’m make it there, i like to dress in a hip-hop kind of way because it’s just the way i am i dress in a way to explain me or i dress in the way my mood is , I love to eat gumbo , gumbo is the food that bring my family together , like it could be a hot sunny day and my mom cook gumbo then my mom would call them tell and they would pull up 20 mins later we a family that like to eat gumbo my family is loud they louder then 1000 people in a mall they very loud Dancing is one of my habit i do on weekends i could dance night and day. But i been dancing since i was 3 when i turn 13 i started dancing at a dance school called tip tap toe I had been their for a year but then i had hurted my leg and i stop going because when i was doing a dance i fell and twist my leg and it hurted really bad i didn’t want to cry because they had a lot of people there so i could i just hold it in and then after that , i stop dancing for about sum mouths but after that i wanted to dance again. So sum week after that I had started dancing at a dance place called, KDP i loved that

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