An Essay About My Cultural Identity

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Cultural identity is the identity or feeling of belonging to a group. The thing is I am still confused on finding my own. I personally think that my family and my hobbies makes up my cultural identity. I really enjoy listening to music and skateboarding. Everyone is not same as others and unique in their own ways, we all something that makes up who we are. For example, I have many interesting things about me that makes me who I am today. Skateboarding is one thing what makes me the person I am, it makes me keep pushing forward towards success and to just have fun. I will slowly figure out my cultural identity by slowly understanding what makes up my culture. My family likes to eat stir fried, but I really enjoy eating any types of food such as Mexican, Italian, American, and other types. I trying out new food, it helps me find out what tastes I do and do not like. My family’s religion is Buddhism and our belief is Buddha. I as myself don’t really pay attention to that. My identity as being different is that I don’t really believe in anything.…show more content…
The funny thing of that is that I was born in Anchorage, Alaska, and that also makes me unique. I have moved out of Alaska when I was around 2 months, so I don’t really remember any of it, although I wish I had. My race/ethnicity is Cambodian, I have only seen a few people that is the same race as me at school, but I guess it’s kinda unique that I am different than others. I grew up in Moreno Valley, California, which is where most of my dad’s family lives. I also grew up in Long Beach, California, which is where most of my mom’s family
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