'Identity In Sherman Alexie's Flight'

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Sherman Alexie’s novel Flight is narrated by Zits, a fifteen year old half-Indian, half-Irish boy who travels through time and the bodies of distinct characters after an attempt to shoot people at a bank in redemption to his late mother and runaway father. This novel demonstrates the theme of identity, which is, according to Zack, the self-categorization of a person in connection with race, ethnicity, or gender. One can employ aspects of theoretical explanations from Thinking About Race by Naomi Zack to analyze chapter one of Flight. In her book, Zack discusses the concept of race and racial issues by making use of philosophical methods to many situations. Moreover, in chapter eight, she outlines and explains racial and ethnic identities, and the differences between identification and identity. Zack’s also explains the concept of authenticity in section B of this chapter. …show more content…

He defines himself only by his state of being ugly and how he thinks others may perceive him. Zack says that identity is what someone “reflects on, accepts, and develops” within themselves. This is something that Zits cannot come to terms with, for he thinks that he, along with his real name, isn’t "important." On the contrary, identification is what others use to distinguish someone from people. I feel like Zits is familiar with the concept of identification rather than identity. He uses a person’s features and characteristics to describe and identify them. His zits, for instance, are used to name who he

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