Identity Of The Family In Esperanza's House On Mango Street

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Our families are the people we grew up around, whether they are our blood relatives or not. They are the people that make you who you are, though they might not always be around. In the story “House on Mango Street, Esperanza's family plays a huge role in shaping her identity. Throughout the story we are shown how her family, community, culture, and gender impacted her character and actions. In her community, there are Hispanic minorities and people who have lived more unfortunate lives. In fact, her family is a part of this group. Not only are people prejudiced against because of their culture, but the women face sexism from both outsiders and people in their community. Although our identities are influenced by a multitude of factors, the family we are surrounded by in our adolescence end up shaping our identities the most. The family we grow up around influences the personality traits we take on, because their actions have the ability to manipulate our identities. This piece of evidence is from the vignette Hips. It comes after Nenny, Esperanza's younger sister, says that if you don’t get hips than you are a man. “That’s right, I add before Lucy or Rachel can make fun of her. She is stupid alright, but she is my sister.” From living with her younger siblings, she has learned to be protective of her family. She does not want her sister to be teased, so she decides to justify her actions. Esperanza would prefer her sisters and brothers not be mocked, because

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