Identity Theft (Body)

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Two years ago, Bob had just bought a new house. After he and his family were settled in, they started cleaning up the place and throwing away “unneeded” documents. Three months later, when Bob was applying for a car loan, he found that his credit history had been destroyed. He was a victim of identity theft, a crime that often causes people debt, unjustified imprisonment, and murder, being one of the most dangerous, yet easiest, crimes to commit. Identity theft includes other types of fraud and identity related crimes. It is said that today’s society is now living in “The Age of Betrayal.” Since an incident with a busboy in Brooklyn, no one can be trusted anymore. After siphoning off hundreds of thousands of dollars into different…show more content…
Having this name in the hands of police, they will still assume the victim as a criminal and issue a warrant for the victim’s arrest. It can be difficult for a criminal identity theft victim to clear their record. The steps required to clear the victim's incorrect criminal record depends on what jurisdiction the crime occurred in and whether the true identity of the criminal can be determined. (“Identity Theft” 1) Identity cloning may be the type of identity theft that no one wants to have. Identity cloning happens when a criminal aquires personal information about the victim and then impersenates the victim so that they are concealed from authorities. (“Identity Theft” 1) This often means that the criminal has to get rid of the victim, so the victim may be kidnapped and hidden, or the victim may just be killed. Which reminds me, there is a show on T.V. called “The Riches”, and in this show, identity cloning is almost exactly what they do. A family (The Malloy’s) is running from a life they don’t want to follow through with and end up in a car wreck with the “Riches” family. So, to pursue a better life, they steal the identities of the “Riches”. From this wreck they gained enough information from what they had to assume their new lives because the “Riches” were on their way to their recently purchased house. This meant that no one knew anything about them and made it that much easier for the Malloys to take their identities.
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