If Rape Where Legal

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“If Rape Where Legal …” Dr. Yalom in his book “Love’s Executioner” in his second chapter “If rape where legal” he talks about his patient Carlos. Carlos is a far gone cancer patient who was referred to Yalom by his oncologist. (Yalom, 2010. p. 62). Carlos in this part of his life, was an unconscious man. He did not believe in anything; he just wants to live his life by his own way even, his way might affect others. Like Yalom describes in his writing an event that happen with Carlos and his therapy group. One day after one of the members confess some personal trauma, Carlos instead of showing compassion and support, he acts so rude, and insensible by asking all kind of questions, and he does not pay any attention to the damage that he was creating to the rest of the group. He never shows any mercy for the other members of the group, this is a demonstration on how he does not care for anybody even, himself, Yalom (2010). One of the things that stuck me by reading Yalom, was at the beginning of the chapter. My understanding while I was reading was about Sarah, the therapist of Carlo’s therapy group. When in reality this chapter was about Carlos, and his personality, and how he saw life, and the way he performance in it. Other thing was the way he expresses about women and how he thinks about them. His comments about “If rape where legal, I’d do it” (Yalom, 2010, p. 67). With this comment you think that he is an unconscious man, that he does not believe in anything
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