Iless Within Animals : Mental Illness Within Animals

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Mental Illness Within Animals
There are many individuals who own or have been around animals with a clear sign that something’s wrong. Although it may be difficult to determine or understand, animals have the capability to feel emotions just as humans do; to grieve over a lost friend, to have fears of water due to a traumatic experience that had occurred in their life, even if it was an event that had happened once, it can still leave emotional scars just as easily as it does to humans. This issue will be further explained within the paper through stories of animals with mental illness, ways to comfort an animal going through this illness, and also personal opinions that I have about this issue.
All animals have emotions just as we do; mental illness can be present in domestic housepets, zoo, and also circus animals. Sadness, depression, anxiety, anger, all of these emotions can greatly affect an animal in different ways. Factors of this illness may include; the loss of companions or mates, stress, abuse, and a loss of freedom by being caged. These factors are almost, if not exactly the same as those that cause human mental illness. Keeping animals separated and depriving them of a social life can often cause loneliness and most often depression; this is why animals need companions. Horses have herds and birds have flocks to avoid this antisocial lifestyle, they develop a social bond in order to survive and thrive in the wild/captivity. Social deprivation is a key factor

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