Illegal Immigrants, Health Care, And Social Responsibility

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Marsida Barjamaj Prof: L, Niizawa PHL 209 Illegal Immigrants, Health Care, and Social Responsibility Immigration has been and is one big problem that is widespread these days. Immigration means to move from one country to another for the purpose of one better life, better job, better health etc. The other problem that comes with immigration is the illegal immigration that in these days is growing up so fast. Illegal immigration is a problem that affects all the developed countries like America. An illegal immigrant is defined as a person who migrates to another country without the permanent residence, or any documents that allowed him to stay in this country. This case brings many problems including over population, rising crime rates and unemployment. Above all, we are human beings and as human beings we have rights, regardless of our origin, social position, gender, or believes. Illegal immigration is mostly observed between the people of a poor country. The outcome of illegal immigration is jail, deportation and even fine. In this paper I aim to discuss the paper of the James Dwyer “Illegal Immigrants, Health Care, and Social Responsibility” and the main points of this paper. James Dwyer is a professor of Bioethics and Humanities at the Upstate Medical University. His essay argues that the issue of health care for undocumented immigrants is inappropriately conceptualized in the public and scholarly debates. "Nationalists" argue that illegal immigrants have no
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