Illegal Immigrants In The United States

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Throughout our nation’s history, many stories and issues have shown the conservative nature of our country. The treatment of people as individuals in our country is very obviously not as important as the general health and safety of the country as a whole. Our country believes that the greater good of the country is more important than the individual and their specific recovery. The way that the United States treats illegal immigrants, people with substance abuse problems, and the mass incarceration of minor criminals reveal the conservative ways of the U.S. One example of the United States’ conservative ways is their treatment of Mexican illegal immigrants. To immigrants crossing the border of Texas, Border Patrol officers are known as people to avoid. When Border Patrol officers get their hands on illegal immigrants, the country does not do anything to try to protect these immigrants. These immigrants are taken to holding cells, given cold food, and given almost no bedding. Many immigrants are given rushed deportation papers. This lack of hospitality towards illegal immigrants shows the conservative values that our country possesses. Many of the illegal immigrants that come to our country arrive with one goal and one reason, to start a new life. Most have been living in poor neighborhoods with very little income and not much opportunity to grow. By coming to America, they are all looking for new lives, and yet our conservative country continues to deny these potential

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