Illegal Immigrants

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Lastly, Illegal immigrants contributed to population growth in the U.S. The number of people who live illegally in the United States are counted to be over 11 million. (Pianin)They have not paid anything into medical programs but enjoys same benefits and services as those who reside here legally. In 2012, a report from Texas Health and Human Services Commission shows an estimated of 717 million healthcare expenditure for undocumented immigrants.(Sage) State and local government are struggling with the problem on whether or not to preclude illegal immigrants from qualifying for healthcare coverage and prescription drug. They reason that it is less costly in the long run to provide necessary care and Health services to illegal immigrants through the public clinics than treating them for serious ill in the hospital emergency room. According to the 2013 reports from Kaiser Health News, Medicaid spends about 2 billion a year on emergency room treatment on uninsured illegal immigrant. Even some studies shown that these costs has been pegged up to 4.3 billion annually. (Pianin) Critics complain that it’s an outrage when we have huge deficits and free healthcare are legally provided to millions of illegal immigrant. Change in health status also contributed to a noticeable change to health care cost growth. The biggest public health challenge is overweight or obesity. Most epidemics of chronic diseases currently faced by US population were associated with obesity, such as
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