Illegal Immigration Issue

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With the country moving towards a new administration and president, the country continues to have unsolved problems. One of which is the immigration system due to the inflow of illegal immigrants. Many individuals claim that it is best to capture these so-called “aliens” and deport them back to their country. However, individuals do not consider the current political turmoil that an illegal immigrant’s home country is facing. Illegal immigration is important because the country is persistently deporting any illegal immigrants that they discovered. However, by just deporting them does not solve the issue, it creates more complicated problems for the country. Morally, this is a wrong approach; however, the government is justifying this action …show more content…

They are no different from legal immigrants, who entered the country with documents. At the same time, the government should closely pay attention to the effects that are caused if illegal immigrants are all deported to their home. Lastly, the government should adopt a policy that can assist the current illegal immigrants that are in the country. In addition, it would be impossible for the country to deport all illegal immigrants, which results in no solution against this problem. Instead, the government should legalize current illegal immigrants that are already in the country, while creating new enforcement plan on border …show more content…

According to “The Effects of Immigration on the United States’ Economy”, an article that focuses on the effects of immigrants on the economy, regardless if they are documented or undocumented, they both contribute to the federal budget. This reveals that illegal immigrants do not cause any negative effects, instead, they overall contribute to the economy’s well-being. In addition, illegal immigrants do not hindered or replace native-born workers or reduce their wages over the long-term (“The Effects of Immigration”). This shows that illegal immigrants are not harming anyone or the country, which questions why the government is still trying to deport the immigrants. The economy is not the only one affected by illegal immigration, the families and children of illegal immigrants also are affected. According to Cecilia Menjivar and Andrea Gomez Cervantes, who are the authors of “The Effects of Parental Undocumented Status on Families and Children, about 79% children of undocumented parents were U.S. citizens. It reveals that there are many children who have undocumented parents and may result in their parents’ deportation. In addition, the family would face poverty, labor exploitation, and low wages, which is not the ideal country that American portrays (Menjivar and Cervantes). It causes families to suffer the consequences of not having a legal status in the

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