Illegal Logging in the Philippines

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Filipinos are known for being close family oriented. Every weekend, members of the family gather together to share experiences, problems and successes in their daily activities. Our family is not an exemption, we usually have a small "salo-salo" every Sunday and talk about memorable events that transpired during the week. One occasion, my grandmother shared an exciting experience to us. She told us that when she was still young her place was very beautiful. She lived in Tanay, Rizal where the heavily forested Sierra Madre Mountain Range is located. Every morning, the cold breeze of fresh air and the sound of flowing river beside there home awaken her. How I wish I could experience living in such a paradise! This remains a dream for me, for…show more content…
In the Philippines, decades of illegal logging contributed to the devastating wrought by storms. With thousands of innocent people lost their lives due to floods and landslides, the worst among them being the tragedies in Ormoc, Leyte in 1991, Aurora and Quezon Provinces in December 2004, and St. Bernard, Southern Leyte last February 2006, as well as all other ecological disasters through the years, blame has fallen on illegal loggers who have stripped hillsides bare and turned green forests into death traps.

Are we blind or are we acting like a blind? The crime of illegal logging has already destroyed much of the original forests in the Philippines. This rampant illegal logging has afflicted many parts of the country – destroying the livelihood of many Filipinos, threatening biodiversity and causing environmental hazards. A decisive action is urgently needed to secure the future of our children. We must oppose all forms of forest destruction and remain vigilant and committed to protect our national patrimony.

A critical analysis of the issue enabled me to come up with “CELL” as a solution to this environmental problem.

· Cultural Transformation

Mudslides, especially in a national park, do not happen if the mountains have adequate forest cover. Why were the trees removed? It is because illegal logging is rampant. And why is it rampant? Because the culture of short-term benefit for narrow individual interests
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