Imagery Of The Negro And Its Powerful Effect On Black Leaders Essay

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Destructive images and negative rhetoric became powerful representation of blacks that began to disseminate across the world as early as the colonial years of settlement of the late 16th century. The Negro’s representation of being destructive and negative was by far the catalyst that fueled whites with hatred for the African and these representations are considered powerful because it is the images themselves that further made it possible to allow white people to justify the cruel treatment of the Negro in America. Throughout history the Negro has also suffered from vagrancy laws, the black codes, and Jim crow (segregation) but nothing seemed to compare to the black image of inferiority that proved to be the most successful tool of propaganda within the institution of racism. Images such as servile, primitive, and simpleminded just to name a few were used to degrade Africans and it is these images that have influenced the dialog of the black leaders throughout history. My argument will discuss the psychological effects of such negative imagery of the Negro and its powerful effect on black leaders such as Dubois, Washington, and Woodson. The psychological effects of negative imagery were powerful enough that many black activist and civil rights leaders in their responses discuss the conditions of the black race that addressed such powerful representation that many negroes conformed to. In the arguments of DuBois, Washington, and Woodson I will show how the negative yet
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