Immanuel Kant And Kant 's Philosophy Essay

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Immanuel Kant in his work “An answer to the Question: What is Enlightenment?” reflects his understanding of immaturity as the main source for not being enlighten(p.41). It is true that Kant animalized human beings ,“It is so easy to be immature” is best understood as an attack towards human beings’ because of our naiveté. It is only normal for us to apprehend knowledge from others. Immanuel Kant emphasizes on the lack of self-esteem, caring, and trustworthiness in ourselves. The lack of zeal to discover what is good for thyself and what is not. An immature person has always been known as somebody who cannot take care of himself. The immature will never seek to understand on his own but borrow ideologies from others. According to Kant immaturity is the inability to use one’s understanding without guidance from another (WE p.41). Assuredly, we can see throughout the text that Kant is not stressing on an age or period in our lives to be able to eventually be matured enough to takes “grown up” affairs into consideration and become mature. What he really means is that we must learn how to be dependent by ourselves, Kant states” for after falling a few times they would end. certainly learn to walk ( WE p.41). However, the claim that Kant mentioned does not mean that we must learn how to become geniuses by our own instinct, this would be quite a ludicrous claim to state, but he is trying to emphasize on the fact that we take too much time to do so after we have the means and
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