Immigrant Autobiography Essay

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What I am most proud of, is the fact that I am a hardworking immigrant. In today’s divided society, immigrants are stereotyped as “non-contributing to society” or “largely uneducated”. This ignorant stereotype is a constant reminder of how hard I should work.
Some experiences have led me to believe that I am inferior to others because I am an immigrant. I was afraid to tell my peers that I was born outside of the United States because I was terrified that they would see me differently. I believed that my even my friends would see me differently.
At the age of six, one of my first memories is my mother walking down the street, holding my hand, and being verbally assaulted by a women, saying that people with my skin color do not belong …show more content…

I still remember my very first day of school. Neither my mom or I spoke English. I relied on other bilingual kids to understand the teacher, but within six months I was able to communicate in English. By the third grade I was reclassified as an English speaker. This was the first time I experienced first hand the result of countless hours of study. This motivated me further. From there on out, I enjoyed school to the fullest. I have found my niche in high school. I have chosen to take every AP or honors course that I can fit into my schedule, and I taken advantage of leadership opportunities. However my world was far from perfect.
As I grew older, it was impossible to notice that my world was imperfect. In elementary school, all my parent’s problems here hidden; I didn’t understand my family’s economic status. As I grew older and began to ask my parents question about our lifestyle and compared it to the other people around us. This conversation would always end in the same place; because we can't afford it. My high school is composed of economically unstable families, and economically stable families. Seeing that other families were better off than mine, I grew up with the idea that a comfortable life, is a luxurious life. I know that others around

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