Immigrants And Immigration

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Immigration has become one of the country's most discussed political topic, due to the great increase of it over the last decade. Many of these immigrants happen to come from Mexico, Nigeria, and Central American countries. Immigrant come to the United States seeking the American dream that everyone is given an equal regardless of social class or circumstances of birth. Some children that come at a young age seeking this idea normally come illegally, due to the long and expensive immigration process. DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. These children, are known as Dreamers, were protected from deportation at a young age as long as they follow the law. DACA was a law that protected young illegal scholars studying and working in the U.S from being deported. These young scholars, “Dreamers”, have legal secure jobs, pay taxes, and are mostly enrolled in college. More than 700,000 people were protected under the program, with 690,000 of them being young adults. DACA is no longer operating due to the Trump administration trying to get incoming immigrants to enter the United States legally. This has sparked protest because the program didn't give them a path to become US citizens or even legal permanent residents. This is significant because most people don’t have any knowledge of this issue and its impact on the Dreamers way of life. Instead of the death of DACA, the legislature should be focusing on ways to improve it in a safe, efficient, and
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