Immigrants at Central Station

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The understandings and diversities of each immigrant and their experiences underlies in a range of issues they encounter such as rights, freedoms, beliefs, power, entrapment etc… All of which are a common understanding when used in comparison towards the migrants lives using the poignant aspect of imagery and journey’s within the poem “Immigrants at Central Station, 1951”. The experiences and perceptive in this poem help perceive an understanding of the immigrants experiences towards the new world of which displays the integrity, emotion and suffering towards the new world and we as the readers are engaged into these aspects of life through trains, time, control and journeys. The imagery of this poem surrounds a train and can represent …show more content…

Finally, the journey encountered in this poem varies from all three types of journeys, inner, imaginative and physical. “With a dampness that slowly sank into our thoughts – but we ate it all” expresses the realization of where they were and the reality of what they were going through with the mood while the hyphen is used to separate the thought and the atmosphere which is used to express the

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