The And The Little Difference Within The 20th Century

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Migration has always been a controversial theme since the early twentieth century not only because of it’s complex historical development, but also it is related to and can be influenced by various social issues such as social status, gender, and society’s attitude towards immigrants. The aim of this essay is to argue the how the similarities and the little difference within them of the characters in literature play the role in theme of migration. The first similarity is that Antonia and Janie have a same special identity besides their nationalities—immigrants. Both two articles portray their youth life, as immigrants, in America. They were depreciated because they are immigrants instead of native Americans. In other words, their youth experience reflects the general Americans’ attitude towards immigrants at the beginning of The Great Immigration. When Antonia talks to Jim about how her whole family immigrated to America and how her father ended his life because of language barriers, unfamiliar farming skills and more importantly, homesickness, Jim, surprisingly, responds to her:” People who don’t like this country ought to stay at home, we don’t make them come here.” After Antonia leaves, he even hopes that snooping girl would never come to see them anymore. Jim, from a child’s perspective, his judgement to immigrants can be influenced by his family and the society. It is crystal clear that Antonia is depreciated by her peers, even by the whole society because of her

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