Immigration And Slavery In Native Son By Richard Wright

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Native Son is a book written by Richard Wright, in which is told by the point of view of a twenty year old African American boy, who goes by the name Bigger Thomas. This novel takes place in the early nineteen thirties and shows the struggle of slavery throughout this time and stands for an example on why America is not a country of justice and liberty. Frederick Douglass is another perfect example on how America has not always been a good place. In the mid eighteen hundreds this man was a victim of slavery himself, and it is not a good position to be in, he tells about his side that he escaped, but it wasn’t bravery, it was just plain good luck. Today, the man in office at this very second is named Donald Trump, he tends to make matters worse on how immigration and racism is perceived and tends to be popping up quite often. The President in office before Mr.Trump was Barack Obama, on July 1, 2010 he spoke up about immigration and how “... we’ve always defined ourselves as a nation of immigrants...” , these people are looking for a new life, in search of their freedom, ever since the Declaration of Independence was signed and “...that all men are created equal...” but that seems to not be the case. America today has not lived up to the Pledge Of Allegiance, and the claim that our flag represents “liberty and justice for all” because slavery shows the inhumane side of people on how others are treated, in which Native Son speaks the truth and so does Frederick Douglass,

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