Immigration And The Immigration Act Of 1903

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Introduction Immigration to the US has always been a complex phenomenon involving the development of different people from different nations, cultures, and has added to the United State’s rich history. Immigration has brought both benefits and consequences to the United States in forms of economic stability and opportunity, mass settlements of foreign peoples, but also culture clash all resulting in the US attempt to curb immigration with the passing of several legislations. Many attempts to curb immigration were taken by US Congress with the passing of the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1882, and the Immigration Act of 1903; all used to insure specific laws and boundaries set on immigrants. Heavy resentment against immigrants in the US pushed Congress for limitations that brought many tensions against races like the Irish and Chinese. To capture the true essence of immigration and its responses by the State, one must make a critical effort in analyzing the historical patterns of migration to the New World, including the United States. It begins with colonial America when large populations of people, mainly English, French, German, and Spanish migrated to America with a deliberate intent to exploit the people, land, and resulting in the creation of caste system of subjugation. This first set of immigrants to America would be later considered as Old Immigrants, being differentiated from New Immigrants that would later come in time. “As a result of the conquest of Mexico,

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