Immigration And The United States

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Immigration has been and continues to be a very recognized and densely debated topic in the United States. In its simplest form, the term immigration is defined by Oxford Dictionaries as the action of coming to live permanently in a foreign country. For centuries, people from around the world have immigrated to America for many reasons, such as political freedom, religious freedom, refuge and economic opportunity. They leave their countries and travel to America to find opportunities that they were not able to find in their country of origin. A large amount of immigrants residing in the U.S come from Latin American countries. Most immigrants from these countries come to America seeking employment. They want to work to support themselves and their family, whether they are with them in America or remain in their country of origin. Doing so however, is not an easy task due to many social, political and economic barriers. This raises the question of what the major economic hardship that a Latino immigrant would face in the United States may be. It is likely that the prime economic issues an immigrant would face in recent times is finding employment in a labor market that expects educated and skilled individuals as applicants and an economy that is still recovering from the Great Recession.
Research was first conducted to identify the general immigrant population residing in the United States as well as the share that Latino Immigrants contribute to that number to demonstrate how

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