Immigration From Mexico Vastly Affected The United States Essay

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Immigration from Mexico vastly affected the United States in various ways. When immigration initiated, various concerns arose due to the threat of national security, and due to society’s fear of what type of person enters America unrestrictedly. Anti-immigrant people have whined about America’s lack of restriction on immigrants, especially with the knowledge of how much human trafficking and drug smuggling occurs down south near the border. While there are some benefits to immigration such as cheap labor, it, however, doesn’t overcome the shortcomings of immigration and its policies present in the United States. When immigrants initially arrive to America, they arrive with distinct goals from one another, some here to start a fresh and better life than in Mexico, but others with an ulterior motive. The threat of terrorism and crime has only increased since immigrants from Mexico started arriving. While all crime cannot be directly pointed to solely immigrants from Mexico it still, however contributes to the rise of terror that occurs in America. A considerable amount of drugs present in the United States is linked to Drug Trafficking Offenses (DTO) from Mexico. Morris states “Since 2006, more than 60,000 people have been killed in the DTO-related violence, and more than 26,000 have gone missing.Despite enormous casualties, including members of U.S. law enforcement, the turmoil in Mexico does not receive nearly the level of scrutiny or attention from the U.S. government

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