Immigration Nationality Act: Definition of Terms

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SUBJECT: Immigration Nationality Act: Definition of Terms: The Immigration Nationality Act defines the terms used thereafter in Section 8: Alien: Any person not a citizen or national of the United States. Consular Officer: Any consular, diplomatic, or other officer or employee of the United States designated under regulations prescribed under authority contained in this chapter, for the purpose of issuing immigrant or nonimmigrant visas or, when used in subchapter III, for the purpose of adjudicating nationality. Immigrant: Every alien except an alien who is within one of the classes of nonimmigrant aliens. Immigrant Visa: An immigrant visa required by this chapter and properly issued by a consular officer at his office outside of the United States to an eligible immigrant under the provisions of this chapter. Immigration Officer: Any employee or class of employees of the Service or of the United States designated by the Attorney General, individually or by regulation, to perform the functions of an immigration officer specified by this chapter or any section of this title. Spouse/wife/husband: Does not include a spouse, wife, or husband by reason of any marriage ceremony where the contracting parties thereto are not physically present in the presence of each other, unless the marriage shall have been consummated. Aggravated Felony: Defined by the following categories: (A) murder, rape, or sexual abuse of a minor; (B) illicit trafficking in a controlled substance,
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