Immigration : New Immigrants, Terrorists, Offer Cheaper Services, Learned And Productive Essay

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SELECTION: New immigrants STEREOTYPES: Outsiders, terrorists, offer cheaper services, learned and productive. EXAMPLES FROM NEWS According to this article, new immigrants are considered as outsiders in the United States. Even though there is no clear line defining the outsiders and the insider 's immigrants, those immigrants who have been staying for long in U.S are considered to be more of insiders than the new ones. For a new immigrant to be considered as an insider’s they, need to gain a status, learn a shared language, and perceptions when it comes to immigrants inclusions in the society. According to this article, new immigrants are a problem in the society as they represent a workforce which is cheaper than that offered by citizens of the country. With new immigrants in the picture, the wages of the American citizens is lowered. Moreover, the new immigrants are the stereotype for taking the jobs which would otherwise be taken by the U.S citizens. Lately, there has been a stereotype concerning the new immigrants saying that they are highly educated. The numbers of educated new immigrants who come to the United States have been noted to increase of late to a point

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