Immigration Policy And The Immigration Sector

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PAD 3034
Juan Sarmiento
Florida International University
July 9th, 2015

In this paper, I decided to analyze the immigration policy. The immigration policies have had a deep history. The policies have been twisted, in the long run, to meet the demands of the time. However, most of the times, the policies have been unfair especially in regard to the immigrants. The overview contains a rich history of the policy progression and advancements in the immigration sector. In this paper, I decided to extrapolate on some few contemporary issues that are as a result of the immigration policies and laws. One of the contentious issues is the Visa policy. This is a system that is widely used by the US government. Though formulated with a good purpose, the formulation did not cater for everything that is associated with immigration. For instance, the immigrants who are on transit for employment are not selected based on the employment demand in the market, hence, they end up being stranded and thus are forced to accept low-paying jobs with poor working conditions. The solution to this is also discussed in the paper. I have also discussed on the open door policy and its implications which include overpopulation. Overpopulation on its part has directly affected both the immigrants and natives with many adverse effects. I was able to do research, and I consequently came up with a set of alternative methods that could be of help. However, I have also discussed

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