Immigration Position Paper

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Immigration: A Time for Reform & Reevaluation By Ricardo Cerna Devry University / January 2012 / English 112 Immigration reform is the old yet new revitalized hot topic being discussed in the media which will not seem to fade away from the spot light despite its drawbacks. The reality of that ongoing debate is that this country, and the State of California in particular, was founded by immigrants fleeing an oppressive government, yet this same country and state now oppress immigrants fleeing from similar situations trying to reestablish new lives within its borders. We cannot forget where we originated from and the foundation this great nation and state was built upon. In this age of progressive thinkers, it is time to…show more content…
5 years before the passage of the legislature and was under the age of 16 when they entered the U.S., they would be eligible for a 6-year conditional residency status after completing an associate degree or two years of military service. If at the end of the 6-year period the individual has demonstrated good moral character, he or she could then apply for U.S. citizenship”, (DREAM, n.d.,2012). Its’ a small but, significant step for reforming an immigration system which in all reality is broken. Just image the endless potential for this nation and California as an individual economy to grow with such bright, talented and progressive minds. A melting pot of educated minds from all across the board ethnic backgrounds working in conjunction to better our world due to a better understanding of empathy for those less fortunate and in need of guidance and role models, that is what this batch of immigrants do and can do for this nation and state. When one thinks of immigrants, lets’ face it what one envisions is the man or woman working in California restaurant kitchens, the maids in middle class neighborhoods, baby sitters, gardeners mowing lawns. L.A mayor Antonio Villaraigoza famously put it during a speech: “Today we say to America: We’ve come here to work: We clean toilets. We clean your hotels. We build your houses. We take care of your children. We want you to help us take care of our children as well” (Malkin,M.,
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