Immigration Protest

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A day without immigrants protest was one that spread an ideal ology throughout businesses and labor force. The goal of this protest was to unite as immigrants and show what kind of hit the economy and labor force would take if immigrants weren’t there to fuel it. This has taken place twice in recent history, once on May 1, 2006 and recently on February 21, 2017. One could argue whether they are successful in their efforts to show how important immigration is to the American economy.

Background studies:

Immigrants make up 12 percent of the population and more than 17 percent of the working population. This means that based on population immigrants are more involved in the workforce than natives themselves. With trump getting elected to Presidency, and his views on immigration control and it being viewed as discrimination, one could say that he is just putting fuel on the flame. According to Moriah Butler, Immigration protest are viewed by the general public in a disruptive manner with people saying that “there will never be a right time to protest” (Butler 1.)

Jose Andres is a different case in many opinions. Andres owns a restaurant and for the protests he shut down his business in order to show his employees that he cares about them. According to him he has workers that have been with him for 25 or more years. He says that he owes it to them to show that he cares because they have stuck with him in good and bad times, and have put in more

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