Immigration : Stimulating Our Economy

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Immigration: Stimulating Our Economy
With presidential elections fast approaching this fall, candidates are making known the issues that America faces in these times. Many things including national debt, education, and health care all seem to be hot topics floating around in the air. It is important for citizens to be well aware of what our nation is going through and who can best solve those problems; therefore, they can elect who needs to be in office to fix these problems. One main subject that seems to be buzzing around the nation is our economic system and what we can do to best help it become what it was before. After this last recession, there are still men and women
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Without the vast number of immigration that takes place in America, we would not be the powerful, high-tech nation we are today; in fact, we might even be worse off than we feel we are right now. We, as American citizens need to welcome these immigrants with open arms, and if we do so, we will be more united as a nation and our economy will only benefit from it.
America has gone through rough times in the past couple of years. With the recent recession, many American citizens have lost jobs, property, and homes. Prices skyrocketed and consumers were afraid to purchase goods: although, this which would have kept our economy running smoothly. Things have gotten better, though. Studies show that the unemployment rate—which has been decreasing—still remains at a high 8.3 percent, with a total of 12.8 million persons unemployed—this is a lot better than in previous years: the unemployment rate reached as high as 10 percent in 2009 (“United States Unemployment Rate”). America runs on a capitalist system—survival of the fittest—so, during times like these, competition can get pretty rough. Some citizens feel threatened by immigrants who travel to America; they feel like their rightfully earned jobs will be taken by them. This isn’t the case, however. Most immigrants are legal citizens too and deserve the same opportunities as everyone else. According to scholar, Darrell M. West, there are 35 million immigrants that
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