Impact Of Agriculture On Water Pollution

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The journal article “Impact of Agriculture on Water Pollution in OECD Countries: Recent Trends and Future Prospects” shed light on the effect of agriculture on our natural water systems. The OECD is the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. This organization has over thirty-five countries as its members, and aims to research and uses the research on a wide spectrum of topics to ensure governments foster economic growth, financial stability, and overall prosperity of the country. This article specifically touches on agricultures effects on water resources. The article looks at this topic in trends and overview of current agriculture pollution, the economic cost of agriculture water pollution, the OECD policies implemented in improving water quality and lessening pollution, Future prospects and movement towards sustainable management of water resources. I chose this article because it addresses a problem and goes into the research about that problem from many different countries, but the article offers solutions or gives way to some band aids, for improvement. That was the main difference I noticed in choosing an article, most of them offer no solution and only weigh the reader down with impenetrable problems. Also this organization has access to data that spans over thirty-five countries, so it seemed to be the most reliable source of information. Although the organization of the article could have been better it was an overall enlightening read. What is
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