Impact Of Education On The American Education System

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Education has overtime developed from an institution that lacked what was necessary to properly education men, women and children, to what is now a fairly decent system that prepares people from all across the world. For minorities, or underrepresented ethnic groups in America this is a different case. My focused are of research pertains to the history of education and how policies and the quality of it has transformed.
While we have grown over the decades to provide education for all groups of people there is still equality lacking in our education system. For my research I will be examining how education has changed between the generations in America and how the system is now compared to the late 1800s and 1900s. My research question is how has the quality and available opportunities for underrepresented minority groups changed in the American education system.
Janelle Scott and Rand Quinn examine the racial politics of education in the six decades Post-Brown Era in their article, “The Politics of Education in the Post-Brown Era: Race, Markets, and the Struggle for Equitable Schooling”. The authors analyze market reform trends and how they are being justified by those within the school system. San Francisco and Philadelphia are the two cities being focused on and how market trends are affecting the schools and its children. Racial, Linguistic and socioeconomic segregation in public education are being observed within these cities. As the authors did their research they

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