Impact Of Equal Rights On African Americans

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Although it is a common thought nowadays that equal rights should be existent among all races, it was not always this way especially towards the African American community. Because of prejudice and racism in America, African Americans struggled throughout history to obtain equal rights even though the Constitution promised rights for all men. Since African Americans first entered the United States they have been treated as less than equal than that of a white man. There were multiple movements which helped change the way African Americans were seen in the United States and helped establish the right for African Americans to vote. Early in the United States history African Americans by law were listed as second-class citizens.
Racial violence and extreme prejudice followed the Civil War towards the African American community by white supremacist groups were wide spread and there were laws made African Americans “second-class” citizens were preventing them their promised rights guaranteed in the Constitution. The compromise of 1877 (A.K.A. The Bargain of 1877) was a disagreement between republicans and democrats where the republicans would not accept defeat in the election and claimed that “Democratic supporters of intimidating and bribing African-American voters to prevent them from voting in three southern states–Florida, Louisiana and South Carolina.”1 Due to the disagreement multiple clashes had broken out which left both republican supporters and democratic supporters

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