Impact Of Globalization On The Economy

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What impacts on the economy has globalization made around the world? What is the positive in addition to the negative impacts of globalization? How can we define globalization? According to Kleniewski, “Globalization refers to the increasing interdependence of the world’s economy” (Kleniewski, 135). This means that most economies around the world depend upon each other for economic growth, whether is by trading globally otherwise by having people migrate from one country to the other. Globalization has been able to help corporations to grow in a very efficient way when also affecting poor developing countries. John Perkins on “Globalization”, has described the investment of money has increased the rate of poverty, but has been able to make businesses richer. He believes that the system of globalization has been a complete failure because we as consumers use almost 85% of the country’s resources. In the short film, Perkins says that the American dream was a way to create only a few people rich not the country as a whole. When countries get loans and they aren’t able to pay them off, they usually have to follow certain guidelines. Forecast is usually used to justify loans in order to put pressure on countries when forcing them to do whatever you want. Most countries that get loans are not able to pay them back, so they have to be forced into some type of pressure such as voting for a certain country in the United Nations as well as selling their resources for less
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